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Trade your red, white, and blue for bleu, blanc, et rouge!
Individuals and businesses are invited to be French for the weekend leading up to July 14.

How to “be French”:

1) Decorate! You can find French flags at:

  • Pennant Shop: / 2908 Metairie Road, Metairie / Phone: 504-837-8420
  • Brad & Dellwen Flag-Party-Gift Shop: 2201 Magazine St. New Orleans / 504-527-5211
  • Online at /
  • Or just change your red, white, and blue to bleu, blanc, rouge! (blue, white, and red)

2) Tell your friends or customers about Bastille Day events throughout the weekend, including the free, public festival at the Spanish Plaza (French for the day) on Saturday, July 11th from 11am-4pm

3) Speak a little French! Here are some examples of phrases and terms you might use:

  • Greet your friends/customers with “Bonjour” instead of “Hello”
  • Comment ça va = how are you / how’s it going?
  • Amusez-vous bien = enjoy yourself
  • Que puis-je faire pour vous? What can I do for you ?
  • Le quatorze juillet / La fête nationale = (what the French call Bastille Day) The 14th of July / The National Day
  • Joyeux Quatorze Juillet / Bonne Fête = Happy 14th of July / Happy holiday
  • Vive la France = long live France

Learn French at the Alliance Française – all levels, all ages

4) Check out francophone events held year-round across Louisiana! A comprehensive calendar is maintained by the Consulate General of France in New Orleans at!