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CitroëNOLA, New Orleans first French Car Club, will host it’s 3rd annual parade Sunday, July 12th with a French Car Parade to celebrate French cars and the French culture of New Orleans.

CitroëNOLA is a collective group of French car owners, ranging from Citroens to Peugeot, Renault, and other makes, which brings together avid collectors and Francophiles within the New Orleans and the surrounding Southeast region.

Kicking off at 11am, the parade will consists of members driving their vehicles from the Frenchmen Street, through the French Quarter to Canal and along St. Charles Avenue, circling back via Jackson Square to their start position along the 700 block of Frenchmen Street ofWashington Square Park.

The cars will be parked from approximately 12pm to 4pm on Sunday. Owners will be with the cars to share and discuss the history of each model and personal stories.

Iced coffee served by Petite Rouge Cafe Camionette, a mobile espresso bar providing yummy treats out of pink a 1970 H-van!

Models participating in the parade include two model SMs, a Citroën/Maserati elite sports car, two 1970’s 2CV Truckettes; a 1975 2CV Fourgonette , a rare 1950’s 2CV Truckette; a CX (the last Citroën model with signature hydropneumatic suspension); a 1969 ID19; one 1970 DS wagon; a 1991 Peugeot 405; two HY, or “H-van”, utility trucks, and more.

“Citroëns are an iconic symbol of France and French culture, however, we welcome and encourage all vintage cars and car lovers to participate, “ says Heather Marshall, Club founder.

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    10:00 am
    6 hours
    700 Block Frenchmen Street at Washington Square Park,
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